Band Charts


Educational and Practice Material

Sheet Music

Groove Merchant Band is happy to present our line of sheet music and music arranging services. Please feel free to check back regularly for updates to our products. If there is something that you want charted out and do not see it in our inventory, fill out our sheet music request form and we will happily chart out your song.

Custom Arranging and Sheet Music

Providing custom arrangements is another service we offer. If you are in need of a custom arrangement or custom music, please fill out our request form and give us some detail on your project. We have provided music for church services, Christmas services, marching band shows, middle school and high school jazz bands, tribute bands, and more.

Educational and Practice Material

Groove Merchant Band will continue to add to our line of educational materials. This will help the developing musician achieve a strong grasp on fundamentals.

  • Long Tone Exercises
  • Scales for Concert Bands
  • Scales for Jazz Bands
  • Arpeggios to Chord Exercises
  • Band Warmups