Groove Merchant Band – Houston’s Premier Party Band

Groove Merchant Band is a Houston party band ready to make your event memorable. With over 10 years of experience as a company, we know how to make a party. Whether its picking out your first dance as a married couple, or performing in between your awards ceremony, we have done it all!! Groove Merchant is a party band of seasoned professionals that can cater to any social occasion you desire. Whether it is a soloist for a wedding ceremony, soft dining music or a high energy dance party, we can provide the entertainment you need for a memorable event.

A memorable event is in the details. Groove Merchant provides a complete entertainment service so you can focus on your other party planning details with confidence that your entertainment is covered. Put your mind at ease and book Houston’s Premier Party Band today.

Our goal is to provide complete satisfaction to our clients by delivering quality and professional entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of party band music do you play?

Groove Merchant is a mixed genre band that appeals across generations. Our most popular requests include Rock, Jazz, Motown, Funk, Disco and Swing. Visit our website to hear audio demos of studio recordings and watch videos of live performances.

How many musicians perform with Groove Merchant?

We can provide a soloist up to a 12 piece ensemble. Most of our performances include five to six musicians comprised of a vocalist, piano, guitar, bass, drums/percussion and saxophone/trumpet.

Where is the group located?

Groove Merchant is located in Houston, Texas. We now have operating bands in Texas, Alabama, and South Florida.

How many breaks does the band usually take during a four-hour reception?

The timing of how and when the caterer wants to serve courses will ultimately determine when the band breaks. We try to only break around the two natural breaks during a 4 hour reception- when the hot entree is served and after you’ve cut your cake when dessert and coffee is served. A remark we’ve heard more than once from caterers and photographers is: “You guys finish your first set when most bands are taking their second break.” We try to play continuously until your hot entree is served. This can be up to an hour and forty-five minutes into the reception.

Will the band provide continuous music?

Yes. During the dinner break we will provide background music via ipod and we’d be happy to personalize our mixes to accommodate your tastes. During the dessert and coffee break we will provide anything from quiet background music to professional DJ dance mixes, depending on what is best at the moment. The band will not perform continuously nor do we think it’s a good idea. All receptions have an ebb and flow and it’s the sensibilities of the band to determine what’s best for the moment. Sometimes it’s to play, sometimes it’s to press play. And some songs are best left to the recording.

When does the band setup? 

The band’s set-up personnel arrive two hours prior to our start time. Other arrangements can be made if necessary. It typically takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to pack up at the end of the engagement.

How much space does the band need? 

Different configurations of your room set-up may warrant otherwise, but we’ll present best with an area approximately 23′ across by 10′ deep. We will be happy to coordinate with the caterer to determine what is best for your reception. We have played in much smaller areas too.